Karate + Science = SUCCESS


After all, what is SCIENCE?!?

Some people look to Science as a nerdy thing, with lack of connection with “real world”… complicated language, complicated methods, etc, etc.

That’s a terribly wrong idea that kept people away from Science!!

Science is the effort to understand how the human body, nature, and many other areas work! It’s a set of knowledge that comes from practice and experimentation.

Science is not theory… because theory without practice is Philosophy, not Science! In Science, theory comes from practice and objective investigation, not from someone’s personal opinion… To be considered Science, a new knowledge it’s tested several times, by several and independent investigation teams that seek for answers.

Engrave this sentence in your brain:

“A professional (in your case, a Karate instructor) who doesn’t give value to scientific knowledge is necessarily a poor professional”

In Karate Science Academy we know that it’s too difficult to follow the crazy fast rhythm of new knowledge, it’s too expensive to get all the education that keeps you in the pace of that knowledge and even that scientific community uses, too many times, a complicated language that seems far from reality…

But Karate Science Academy was created to overcome these real problems!

If you want to know more about Youth Karate Science, click here.

Karate Science Academy has a mission: to take Science into all Dojos in the world.

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