• By: Pedro Candeias
  • Date: 05/06/2017


Today’s article is more a partial summary of three great articles published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2016.

They complement each other…


In Karate Science Academy we believe that every Sensei should read them so our Karate can reach the highest levels of quality and professionalism.


Note: We’ll give you the original articles at the next article dedicated to this theme so you can read them by yourself.




Every Karate trainer should aim for training workloads that are enough to improve performance but not so high that increase injury risk, right?


Have you ever thought about this?!?


We truly believe that few Karate Sensei think about this balance when they plan their Karate sessions (those who even care about planning the training sessions).


Note: If you want to learn THE BEST STRATEGIES about Karate training planning, please read our article PLAN YOUR KARATE SESSIONS LIKE A TOP COACH!!!.


If you don’t apply enough training volume for each dimension you want your students and athletes to improve they will be unprepared athletes…


… But if you make mistakes in training prescription you will actively contribute to a high level of injury risk!


Both Over-Training and Under-Training will increase injury risk!!





Several scientific studies demonstrated greater injury rates with higher training loads.


But there are also several studies which proved that well-developed physical qualities result in protection from injuries.


How can we manage this ambiguity?!?


Here is where the 10% RULE becomes highly relevant and decisive!!




The 10% Rule is very simple to understand…


Weekly increases in workloads of more than 10% are highly associated with increased injury risk!!!


On the contrary, smaller (less than 10%) weekly increases in training loads result in a much lower risk of injury…


Piggott et al (2009) and Rogalski et al (2013) clearly demonstrate that when training load was increased more than 10-15% above the previous week’s load, injury risk escalated to between 21% and 49%!!!!!


And when training load is more constant – 5% to 10% than the previous week -, players have less than 10% risk of injury!!!




If don’t, we are really sad about students that go to your Dojo every single week because they believe you are giving them the best for their lives… You can stop reading this article!!





The problem is not high training loads…


The problem is how you reach these high training loads!!


Physically hard but appropriate and progressive training protects your Karate students and athletes against injuries.


Don’t make weekly deep changes in training workloads.


Don’t give your students one week with high training stimulus, followed by a week where you decide to drastically reduce it and a third week where you decide to introduce a pike again!!


You need to be highly professional planning your Karate sessions because is the health of your groups that is in question…


Your Karateka need to reach high levels of fitness but in a very progressive way!


Remember THE 10% RULE…


10% Above or 10% Below between each week.


If you want to reduce the training load by 20% so your athletes can recover for an important event you should make it like this:


  • Reduce the training load by 10% in two weeks – 10% x 2 weeks = 20%
  • Reduce the training load by 5% in four weeks – 5% x 4 weeks = 20%


You should use the same principle if you want to increase the training stimulus that leads your students to higher levels of performance and health.


How do you measure External and Internal Training Loads in a VERY EASY way?


We will be really glad to send you a FREE PDF with that information!! Just leave your e-mail on the Comments or with a direct email to asking for your “FREE COPY OF TRAINING LOAD MONITORING”…





Sooner or later, Personal Intuition will trick you and harm your Karate students…


No matter if it’s your Personal Intuition or another person Intuition!


The World is full of examples of highly skilled individuals using “Intuition” and “Lucky-Guessing” to identify potential problems within their area of expertise…


Please, support your experience and “Intuition” with Science!


Science gives us highly accurate and proven methods to take your Knowledge to an entirely new level!!


What’s the thing you most desire for? To defend your own beliefs or to see the World as clearly as you can?


Read our article ARE YOU A WARRIOR OR A SCOUT or see Julia Galef’s TED Talks lecture:









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