17+ stretching exercises

That will improve your high-kicks

  • How do you choose between Active and Passive Flexibility?
  • Did you know there is a very simple way of helping you to decide where the focus of Flexibility Training should be, for each of your Karatekas?
  • What're the Best Stretching Methods to improve your Karatekas' Range-of-Motion?
  • This answers and 17 Stretching Exercises in this 30 pages of pure knowledge!

about us

My name is Pedro Candeias and I’m the Scientific Studies’ Coordinator and Co-Founder of Karate Science Academy.

In Karate Science Academy, we have a dream/mission: To Organize Scientific Knowledge and make it Universal, Easy, and Useful for every single Karate instructor or student!

As a Sports Trainer (and Karate Instructor), I always felt the need of looking for answers to the thousands of doubts I had in my mind.

Doubts about the best and safest ways of training human people!

What you will learn

In this e-Book, you are going to find the answers to 3 key questions about Flexibility Training and… have access to 17 Stretching Exercises that will allow your students to reach higher Mawashi & Ura Mawashi Geri. You’ll also receive some solutions to stretch the Anterior Muscles that will allow your Karatekas to execute a wider Ura-Mawashi Geri, in the last phase of this complex kick! For last, we propose two extra exercises to relieve some tension that accumulates in the Abductor Muscles when your students do much work at Mawashi/Ura-Mawashi muscle groups. They’re going to be grateful!

We hope this short and fast-reading e-Book can be helpful as early as next Karate session! knowledge that can open your mind and be a new way of seeing Karate!!


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