The Mission of Karate Science Academy...

My name is Pedro Candeias and I’m the Founder of Karate Science Academy. 

In Karate Science Academy, I have a dream/mission: to Organize Scientific Knowledge and make it Universal, Easy, and Useful for every single Karate instructor or student! 

There will always be more information to organize about Human Performance… and Karate Science Academy will always be here to turning it useful for all Karatekas in the world. 

As a Sports Trainer (and Karate Instructor), I always felt the need of looking for answers to the thousands of doubts I had in my mind. Doubts about the best and safest ways of training human people. I became an Education Courses “addict”… and, after starting my Master of Science in Sports Training, I became a Scientific Articles/ Papers “addict” too.

I’m going to tell you a secret: my bedside table readings before sleeping are Scientific Reviews, Meta-Analysis, Original Studies, … all about Human Movement, Sports, and Health (and, of course, Karate). 

I’m pretty sure there are thousands and thousands of Karate Coaches and Athletes/Students that feel the same way I felt a few years ago… 

I have a huge database with the BEST evidence-based Training Methods for Karate, updated whenever Science publishes new relevant, valid, and realiable knowledge!