We promise you One Thing: We Won’t give You opinions; We’re going to give You Scientific-Evidence Facts!!!

Karate Science Academy was created to help you getting your students/athletes high-level results, motivation, and health, no matter what goals they have; whether they practice Karate just for fun, health or to be a top-level athlete, you’ll be able to give them what they need and deserve, at the most updated way!

Our Mission

In Karate Science Academy we have a dream/mission:

“To organize scientific knowledge and make it universal, easy, and useful for every single Karate Instructor or Student!”

Pedro Candeias, one of the founders of Karate Science Academy, always felt the necessity of looking for answers to the thousands of doubts he has inside his mind about training approaches. We all have had that kind of doubts about the best and safest ways to improve our or our students’ performance. This was one of the main reasons why he decided to launch this project with his friend Fábio Lopes, a web designer and digital marketing specialist.

The main goal is to help all Karate Instructors and Athletes/Students’ training in a more effective, safe, and motivated way.

SCIENCE is an ongoing process, every single day there are new updates. Every single coach has the right to have access to it.

If you Challenge the status quo; if you seek out Knowledge beyond traditional methods; if you Pioneer new ways of thinking… Karate Science Academy was created right for you!!!

Welcome to the Path of Scientific Knowledge 🙂