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We are completely sure we can work together, if your main goal is to improve the PHM Factor of all Karatekas in the world… What is the PHM Factor? Performance, Health, and Motivation! Please, read the information below and fill our Affiliate Program Form so we can talk about the requirements to become partners in this mission of taking Science to all Dojos in the world! After that, we will contact you. 

Who we are?

Karate Science Academy is part of Science Bridges, Ltd. 

Science Bridges Ltd is brand new company that has the following mission: To Organize Scientific Knowledge and Make It Universal, Easy, and Useful for Every Single Sports/Fitness Instructor or Student.

We want to BUILD BRIDGES between Science and On-The-Field Professionals…

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300-Pages of Karate Science - All the Fundamental Concepts Every Sensei Should Master

Flexible Karate - Everything Science Knows About Stretching

Karate Science PRO - 24/7 Online Platform about Karate Science

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