Book 300-Pages of Karate Science

300-pages of karate science

a practical guide to use every day in your dojo | 31 major themes

Practical & Useful Scientific Evidences

Simple & Unpretentious Language

Easy-to-Read & Dynamic Design

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consistent and methodological principles

"300 - Pages of Karate Science brings a systematic training structure to all those who teach. Aligned with scientific and academic knowledge, provides more consistent and methodological principles for those who want to deeply understand Karate. It also allows the instructor to keep up with state of the art information."
Fernando Gomes de Amorim
Karate Instructor

Like a good instructor

"I have been practicing Karate and I believe that is a practice that can be continued through a life time. There were many occasions when my only Instructor was a good book and I love your scientific approach to this subject."
Radu C. Mandreanu

based on science

"I enjoy instruction based on Science! Being in South Africa, I especially enjoyed the section on Hydration and its benefits! Our students will be hydrating A lot more from now on!"
Mari Du Preez
Karate Instructor & Student

Re-think my Karate

"It helped me to re-think my aproach to Karate Training as a pratitioner and instructor as well."
Karate Instructor

great tool

"This book has become a great tool of knowledge."
Eliezer Velazquez
Karate Instructor

to the point

"Good information and to the point."
Jose Irizarry

detailed research

"I was very impressed with the detailed scientific research in the book and the quality of the referencing of scientific data and articles"
Jason Philips
Karate Instructor


"So far, it's good, understandable, pioneer."
Dimitrios D. Tsepetzidis
Msc Physical Education

glad i have found it

"I learn new exercises and I understood more about Explosive Training. I like facts based on scientific evidence, that's why I like Karate Science. I'm so glad I found it"
Karate Instructor

important tool

"I'm still reading. But no doubt it will be an important support tool for me in the knowledge and development of my karate and my students."
Ricardo Nunes
Karate Instructor

a new prespective

"It gives me the opportunity to differentiate and another view to my way of giving instructions to different level of skill, grade, and age of my students. Because im a traditional Karateka it gives me the tools of what others do in Sports Karate. Me and my students don't go to competitions or these form of Karate. But nevertheless its a very nice tool to use! Thanks for that."
Peter gillEbert
Karate Instructor

available below! click on a retailor

[Soft & Hard Copy Available Soon]

50% Discount. Price – 29.90€

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