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About us


The Best And Safer Ways Of Training Your Karate Students.


My name is Pedro and I’m the Scientific Search Coordinator and Co-Founder of Karate Science Academy.


In Karate Science Academy we have a dream/mission: Organize Scientific Knowledge and make it Universal, Easy, and Useful for every single Karate instructor or student!


Fortunately, there will always be more information to organize and new ways of turning it useful… and Karate Science Academy will always be here to accomplish this goal.


As a Sports Trainer (and Karate Instructor), I always felt the necessity of looking for answers to the thousands of doubts I had in my mind.


Doubts about the best and safest ways of training human people.


I became an Education Courses “addict”… and, after starting my Master of Science in Sports Training, I became a Scientific Articles/Papers “addict” too.


I’m pretty sure there are thousands and thousands of Karate Trainers that feel the same way I felt a few years ago…


We have a huge database with thousands of Scientific Articles, Books, and Videos from where we take useful and practical knowledge.


This way, we can help all Karate teachers and athletes/students training in a more effective, safe, and motivated way.

Every day, we attach more knowledge to our database.

Because SCIENCE DON’T STOP and is giving us new tools to improve our lives, every single day!


We promise You one thing: We won’t give you opinions or personal experiences, we’re going to give You scientific-evidence facts!


Join us on this Road (“Do” in Karate-do means “the way to always become better”; better Karateka and better Sensei – don’t you forget this)


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[Soft & Hard Copy Available Soon]

Digital Copy & Dynamic Stretching Vídeos

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