Full Contact Karate

Do You WANT to be EFFECTIVE in Full Contact Karate?


You MUST train with HEAVY BAG and PADS

In Full Contact Karate, if you really want your muscles to transfer their power to a target so you can knock-down your opponent, most of the time you should be training hitting a target.

How many Karate colleagues do you know that train always hitting the air and despite that, they say: “When I want to punch a guy for real, I’ll do it with. NO PROBLEM!!”


But this is not true!! Why?

Non-Contact Karate and Full Contact Karate have different biomechanical issues.

Let’s see what science have to teach us…

Quinzi and a team of researchers conducted two studies, 2 and 3 years ago, to characterize the neuromechanical response obtained during the Mawashi-Geri (roundhouse kick) with two different techniques: with and without impact.

And what they discovered was that there really is a different coordinative pattern between both types of Mawashi-Geri. They have different types of muscle activation. In the no-impact kicking technique, the control and deceleration of the leg are greater to prevent contact. What demands a higher and earlier antagonist muscles activation.

Now, people, WE ARE WHAT WE TRAIN! And in a real high demanding and stressful situation like a fight with a non-cooperative opponent, you will activate your muscles as you train daily at the Dojo.

What happens if you do not train your muscles to hit with all your power in a target?

You will unconsciously activate your antagonists more than you should… and even if you can reach the target it won’t be with your full impact potential!

You can easily see this in several vídeos on YouTube, where MMA fighters that come from Karate train, most of the time, with Pads and Heavy Bag. I wonder why they don’t punch the air all the time!!

P.S.1 – Hitting a target with full power is also a psychological issue. But this is for another article.

P.S.2 – Enjoy the 4 minutes and 19 seconds of this video that has been seen around the world more than 1 million times.

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