Access Everything Science knows about flexibility training 24/7 and find out the most effective, safe and motivating exercises!

  • EASLY create a plan of action that will allow you to take the most out of your classes.
  • Know EXACTLY what type of exercises use with all kinds of students/athletes.
  • CONFIDENTLY plan your training sessions.
  • End using the SAME methods and expect it to improve your Karatekas' results.
  • You may have been STRUGGLING with the loss of students in your Dojo, because you fail in motivated them to achieve their objectives... until now.
  • Stop BLASTING your value as a Karate Sensei and actually FEEL valuable.
  • CELEBRATE with your Students/Athletes, as weeks pass, the great results they achieve.

You may have been struggling with the loss of students in your Dojo because you failed in helping them to achieve their goals… until now.

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Many Karatekas, all over the world, understand the importance of Stretching in Karate but there's a huge problem.

The problem is... they are using inappropriate Stretching exercises with the wrong kind of students. They're loosing precious time searching for reliable information but they only find disperse and trendy tips from "experts"...

They don't have a plan of action.

They're teaching without the proper guidelines.

And what's even worse, they have no concrete processes to take the most of out their students, no matter if they´re Traditional Karate Students or Sports Karate Athletes.

Karate Senseis just don't have the time to follow the pace of scientific research, right?

That's why we create the Flexible Karate Online Course..."Oh, heck no, this isn't for me..." Hear me out.

I teach Karate for more than 17 years and practice it since I'm 12 (I'm 36, right now)... And I (as you, I believe) always tried to give my students the most effective, safe and motivating exercises.

"The full access to all the research about Karate, Combat Sports and Human Movement."

So, I went to the Master of Science in Sports Training - Specialization in Karate (Faculty of Human Kinetics - University of Lisbon, Portugal). I learned a lot from top-level teachers and researchers and you know what was the most important foundation I bought from there?

The full access to all the research about Karate, Combat Sports and Human Movement.

And one of my first big interests, when I started diving deep into the best online scientific databases, was Flexibility Training. How would I help my students increase their Range-of-Motion?

I have students with 5 years old, 15 years old, and adults… I have those who practice every day and those who just train twice a week… I have very stiff students but also highly flexible ones…I have Karatekas with good levels of Hamstrings’ Flexibility but terrible executing High-Kicks or a Shiko-dachi.

So, I put into the work and gathered all the Original Research, Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis about Stretching, transforming it in practical and easy-to-follow knowledge… and now, I can consult it whenever I want, in my smartphone or in my computer! Guess what? You can too.

Get all the scientific-backed knowledge about Flexibility Training and the most relevant methods and exercises to improve it (based on +200 Scientific Sources)

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What will you have access in
flexible karate online course

  • Written modules where we packaged everything Science knows about Flexibility Training
  • 150 Stretching Exercises (pictures & videos)
  • The Ultimate Guidelines for the 5 most important Stretching Method
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access

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Why Should You Trust Us?

In Karate Science Academy, we follow several criteria and international standards before we give you practical and useful information. Let's see it more in-depth:

  • We search only for Original Researches, Systematic Reviews, and Meta-Analysis in dozens of scientific journals.
  • We only consider Scientific Publications that follow a peer-reviewed system.
  • When we find one article that is unique about a subject, we only take it in consideration if it’s very robust and/or complements reliable knowledge that already exists.
  • Regarding training protocols, we only consider research that includes Control Groups so we can compare the results of the group that performed the tested protocol with the group that didn’t do it.
  • Training protocols must be 100% clear, with all the details.
  • The population that is submitted to a given training protocol must be explained in detail.
  • When necessary, we submit the Scientific Sources to 1 or more of 3 quality-testing tools: PEDro’s Scale, Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool or ROBIS Tool (Risk of Bias in Systematic Reviews)

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You have the possibility to take your money back. You’ll have up to 7 Days to let it digest, integrate all the knowledge you will receive into your daily Karate life, and make sure this is really what you need to step up to the Next Level of Knowledge.

If you don’t LOVE it, we insist that you get 100% of your money back!

It’s simple: Join Flexible Karate and try it for yourself. If the Scientific-Based Methods, Strategies, and Answers you will receive inside the course, won’t help to improve your work as a Sensei/Instructor, we want you to email us. And without any questions, we’ll give you all your money back.

This is a 7 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is the time you have to decide if Flexible Karate is right for you and your students/athletes!


No! Our main goal is to be a Bridge between Scientific Research and all Dojos in the World. In Karate Science Academy, we work every day to give you simple and practical knowledge.

Don’t worry! Flexible Karate is not like a book where you have to follow chapter after chapter just to find the knowledge you are looking for a given question. Our Online Platform is like a “Search Engine” of Karate Science where you can search for the answers you need.

Yes! Flexible Karate will always include the best methodologies so your athletes can reach their full potential while preventing injury risk.

Science doesn’t know the difference between Modern and Traditional Karate! Human Movement is Human Movement… If you have students that train Karate for self-development, health, self-defence or leisure you will receive great knowledge, every week, that will help them to achieve their goals.

Of course not! For superficial tips, you have a bunch of places to go (especially online). Flexible Karate will teach you everything you need to learn about a theme in a simple and practical way.

You’ll have Instant Access to Karate Science PRO, after the payment is confirmed. The exception is on our Exclusive Pre-Sale. If you’re going to take advantage of the 50% Promotion over the original price you’ll receive full access as soon as we make the Official Launch of the platform.

No Problem! Flexible Karate is like a “search engine” where you can look for the specific knowledge you need, without having to read everything.

Today the problem is not lack of information, but Information Overload!! Everyone has a tip to give, an opinion, a personal experience… You can find many blogs that write things according to wrong or incomplete information.

In Flexible Karate, you’ll be able to see which are the sources of the knowledge you get in the platform. The knowledge we seek come directly from Scientific Sources like original researches, meta-analysis, and systematic reviews.

YouTube is great for new exercises’ ideas, but you really have to learn, WHEN, WHO and HOW to use them.

You can access to Flexible Karate from your Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook wherever you have an Internet connection. This way you can consult the platform anytime you need!

Yes! As long as you have an Internet connection you can access Flexible Karate from your Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook.

Flexible Karate is available for just $57. To this price will be added the VAT of your country.

Don’t worry… Flexible Karate will help you to take advantage of the full potential of what you already train. No matter the style or organization!

If you find out that what you have been training for many, many years is scientifically wrong you have two options: 1) you change to the right path, no matter what; 2) or you choose to continue following your Master.

But remember that if your Master is not open to evolution and knowledge maybe he or she isn’t a true Master 🙂

No! Flexible Karate was created exactly to take Scientific Research to every Sensei, no matter the educational degree. As long as you really want to learn you’ll grow with Flexible Karate…

Yeah! We feel the same way… That’s why Flexible Karate was created. To differentiate real knowledge from the noise!

No! Flexible Karate is for the Senseis that really want to step up to the next level of knowledge about Karate training. If you are only searching for superficial tips or miraculous methods you are in the wrong place!

No! Flexible Karate is like a supplement that boosts your Karate and even your organization. We don’t want to be an alternative, but a complement.

Of course it is! We use one of the most recognized online payment platforms, Hotmart. It has several ways of payment from which you can choose the one you consider the safest. 

If you want, you can visit Hotmart’s site to know it better:

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