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“300-Pages of Karate Science. All the Fundamental Concepts that Every Sensei should Master” is as Book that contains fundamental Scientific-Based Knowledge about several issues that you should master as a Karate Sensei or Athlete.

This eBook will take you in a journey where you’ll receive important information about a variety of themes, with a lot of easy-to-read and practical knowledge!!

This is the first of a series of Books about Karate… we really hope you enjoy it!


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What's inside the Book?

We cover many Fundamental Concepts every Sensei should master to increase Karatekas’ PHM Factor (Performance, Health and Motivation)!

Pratical & Useful Scientific Evidence

Simple & Unpretentious Language

Easy-to-read & Dynamic Design

  • Introduction
  • Make the Difference | What kind of Karate Sensei are you?
  • Explosive Karate | Fundamental Knowledge so you can help your students to become faster and more powerful.
  • Reflexions About Technique | The role of Technique in Karate.
  • Training Planning & Periodization | Do you plan your Karate sessions? The principles behind a more motivating way of doing it, while increasing performance.
  • Karate Kids & Teens | Strategies and principles that will lead your future "champions" to success… in life and on the tatami.
  • Strong Mind | How can you help your Karatekas to improve their psychological dimension.
  • A Lot Of Extra Knowledge | Many, many Extra Knowledge about Agility, Warm-Up, Intensity Monitoring, Injury Prevention, HIIT, Battle Ropes, Hydration, Balance Skills, Flexibility, Sleep...
Pedro Candeias - Co-Founder of Science Bridges Ltd.

About us

My name is Pedro Candeias and I’m the Scientific Studies’ Coordinator and Co-Founder of Karate Science Academy.

In Karate Science Academy, we have a dream/mission: To Organize Scientific Knowledge and make it Universal, Easy, and Useful for every single Karate instructor or student!

As a Sports Trainer (and Karate Instructor), I always felt the need of looking for answers to the thousands of doubts I had in my mind.

Doubts about the best and safest ways of training human people!

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(Approx. $17.55)
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