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Pratical & Useful Scientific Evidence

Simple & Unpretentious Language

Easy-to-read & Dynamic Design

  • The importance of Stretching in Karate
  • Types of Flexibility
  • Types of Stretching
  • Stretching Guidelines
  • Injury Prevention with Flexibility Training
  • Harmstrings: A Key Muscle!
  • Intensity - Flexibility Training
  • Children - Flexibility Training
  • The "1 Million Dollar Question" What are the effects of Stretching in Muscular Performance?
  • Warm-Up - Flexibility Training
  • Effects of Age and Gender in Flexibility Training
  • The Influence of Non-Muscular Structures
  • Stretching Position
  • Curious Fact About Stretching
  • Scientific Foundations of Stretching
  • Direct to the Point
  • Exercises (+130 Dynamic Stretching Exercises Images)
Pedro Candeias - Co-Founder of Science Bridges Ltd.

About us

My name is Pedro Candeias… I’m the Scientific Studies’ Coordinator and Co-Founder of Karate Science Academy.

In Karate Science Academy, we have a dream/mission: Organize Scientific Knowledge and make it Universal, Easy, and Useful for every single Karate instructor or student!

As a Sports Trainer (and Karate Instructor), I always felt the necessity of looking for answers to the thousands of doubts I had in my mind.

Doubts about the best and safest ways of training human people.

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