Do you know what RESULTS can your students achieve with Dynamic Stretching? And when you should, or not, use it in your Karate classes?


First of all, let’s see some numbers about Dynamic Stretching:

  • up to +9% of Muscle Strength and Power
  • up to +36% of Range-of-Motion
  • up to +4% of Speed
  • up to +11% of Accuracy
  • up to +12% of Balance

These numbers are demonstrated in a 2018 Systematic Review of Opplert & Babault. It collects data from 84 original research that gathers a sample of more than 1600 subjects.

But to achieve these results you must use the correct methodology because every exercise and method can be good or bad, depending on the way it’s applied! There are no miraculous exercises as many times is promised on the internet…

… it always depends on the HOW, the WHEN, and the WHO!!!


When should you (or shouldn’t ) use Dynamic Stretching?

Dynamic Stretching has 4 great benefits for Karate:

  1. To Warm-up
  2. Potentiates muscle performance in terms of power, strength, and speed
  3. Improves acute Range-of-Motion to better performance during the training session
  4. Maintains the levels of Flexibility during a period of the season where Range-of-Motion is not the priority

It’s also effective to improve long-term Flexibility levels in children and adolescents…


If you want to increase the levels of long-term Flexibility in adult Karatekas, this is not the best method!


What is Dynamic Stretching?

Dynamic Stretching – involves the execution of controlled movement throughout the Range-of-Motion of each Karateka.

Some trainers include Ballistic Stretching in this group, but we prefer to separate them…


Because both have movement, but in very different ways. Ballistic Stretching involves a fast and explosive movement!

You can easily see it in the videos below…






General Guidelines for Training

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