The first WINNERS of our Karate-Science-pack Christmas Giveaway 2017!!


That’s true!!!

In our 1st Year of Karate Science Academy, we decided to deliver a Special Gift to our followers…

… and we created a Christmas Giveaway, with a Karate-Science-Pack!!!

The Pack included:

1 – eBook “300-Pages of Karate Science. All the Concepts Every Karate Sensei Should Master”

2 – eBook “Flexible Karate. Everything Science Know About Stretching”

3- 1-Year Subscription to Karate Science PRO

300-pages of karate science book

Flexible Karate book

Karate Science PRO

The winners are Benjamín Fortín, Gareth Clarke, and Angel Revuelta! Congratulations and welcome to the team 🙂

If you want to know more about our products, click here!


Arigato Gozaimashita,

Pedro Candeias

(Co-Founder and Scientific Search Coordinator of Karate Science Academy)



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